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Tou Tiao Dou Shi Ta

Other Name: 头条都是他; He owns the headlines; The headlines are all about him; Trang nhất toàn là hắn

Plot Summary: “He owns the headlines” is a story about Yin Shen, a member of the (in)famous idol boygroup FLY. What makes him the center of attention? Why do they call him the “retarded” idol? Is it true that he is a jerk to everyone? Throughout this comic, you will get the chance to laugh with the hilarious situations dummy Yin Shen puts himself in – whatever he does always makes it to the headlines of the tabloids. However, prepare yourself to experience the feels with the characters when it comes to their friendship, hardship and the dark sides of showbiz.

Author: You Ling
Artist: You Ling
Date of release: 2017

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Tou Tiao Dou Shi Ta Chapter Lists

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