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Kataomoi To Parade

Other Name: 單戀和遊行; 片想いとパレード; Unrequited Love and Parade

Plot Summary: Close friends since childhood, Touma has a long intensifying unrequited love for Takaya."I want to be his princess", "He is my hero" - though he has a rough personality and mouth, Touma thinks like a maiden and is hurt every day by his own servile thinking and self-deprecation as he cannot express his love.And it doesn't help that Takaya has gotten himself a girlfriend since starting university, and as Takaya's "nursemaid" and close friend, Touma can't avoid close contact.At the same time, club senpai Yonezawa and a mysterious woman have gotten close to Touma; and here starts the harsh and painful changes in unrequited love for Touma---"But my world is filled even with just one word from you."

Author: Miyoshi Ayato
Artist: Miyoshi Ayato
Date of release: 2016

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