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Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

Other Name: かしこまりました、デスティニー; かしこまりました、デスティニー【~answer~】;

Plot Summary: The story tells of a stubborn young master and his loyal servant. Because of their statuses, their love story is at the mercy of fate. Aoi is the heir to his family, but due to some discord between him and his stepmother, he is forced to leave the house. And there to support him is his childhood butler, Miyauchi. After living his days being doted on and served, Aoi finds his position reversed, where he has to work all day. And what has supported him throughout this lifestyle is his unrequited love of 5 years for Jirou, the heir to the Saionji family, a leading automobile maker.

Author: Sachimo
Artist: Sachimo
Genre: Yaoi
Date of release: 2016

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Kashikomarimashita, Destiny Chapter Lists

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