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Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei

Other Name: 箱庭の令嬢探偵; คุณหนูนักสืบในสวนฝัน (Thai); Fräulein of the Little Garden; Hakoniwa no Fräulein; Hakoniwa no Fraulein; Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei (Fraulein); Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei (Furoirain)

Plot Summary: While looking for a ghost that helped him as a child, Satou Akira has run into a fair amount of spirits that he doesn't even see. One day, he goes to a supernatural detective agency for help, and he meets the adorable Yui and her devoted butler Kujou. Using her power, Yui ends up helping him with a number of the dangerous supernatural troubles he gets himself into. Akira starts to feel attached to the detective agency, and wants to learn more about the supernatural!

Author: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Artist: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Date of release: 2016

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