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Grappler Baki

Other Name: グラップラー刃牙 , 刃牙 , Baki the Grappler

Plot Summary: "To be the strongest in the world!" That is Baki Hanmas dream. The mysterious, young, martial artist aspires to follow in his sinister fathers footsteps as the worlds strongest creature. But to what lengths will Baki go? We follow the young grappler as he matures in a world full of some of the strongest fighters and how he overcomes all obstacles in order to face his father one day in the fighting ring. From the jungles to and underground martial arts tournament, Baki is put to the test from fighters all over the world.

Author: Itagaki Keisuke ,
Artist: Itagaki Keisuke ,
Date of release: 2014

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Grappler Baki Chapter Lists

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