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Aka Akatoshitachi no Monogatari

Other Name: あかあかとしたちのものがたり; アカアカトシタチノモノガタリ; 赤赫血物語; Aka Aka Toshita Chi no Monogatari; Aka Akatoshitachi no Monogatari; Red Blood Red Legacy; Akaaka Toshita Chi no Monogatari

Plot Summary: Itsuki and Hayato, two brothers who grew up in a village nestled deep in the mountains, set out to hunt down a wolf that has been attacking the livestock of the village.Itsuki is about to go in for the kill when a gigantic beast appears out of nowhere, snatching up the wolf in its jaws and sucking the life out of it.The beast that stared Itsuki down was a gargantuan, blood-sucking vampire deer…Will the two brothers be able to return to the village alive?!Find out in this blood-filled action-packed story by extraordinary mangaka Kaishaku!

Author: Kaishaku
Artist: Kaishaku
Date of release: 2017

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Aka Akatoshitachi no Monogatari Chapter Lists

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